Theme:Towards Safer High Energy Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Session topics:

1)Thermal Runaway under Abuse Conditions and Countermeasures
•thermal runaway by external reasons (overcharge, crush, overheat, etc.)
•thermal runaway by internal reasons (internal short circuit, etc.)
•thermal runaway detection and early warning
•battery safety designs (PTC, CID, venting valve, etc.)

2)Exothermic Reactions during Thermal Runaway and Ways to Postpone
•thermal runaway mechanisms
•exothermic behaviors of battery components
•safer battery electrode, electrolyte and separators
•battery safety through chemistry safe design

3)Fire Safety and Explosive Behaviors
•battery fire/combustion behaviors
•gas generation during thermal runaway
•health and environmental hazardous substances during TR
•fire suppression for cell, module and system

4)Thermal Runaway Propagation in Battery System
•thermal runaway propagation testing (influence of electric connection, SOC, environment, etc.)
•multi-scale and multi-dimension modeling of thermal runaway propagation
•ways to inhibit thermal runaway propagation (thermal resistant layer, thermal management system, etc.)
•regulations and standards for thermal runaway propagation evaluation

5)Safety under Fast Charging
•safety risks (overheat, etc.)under fast charging
•lithium plating and its effects on battery safety
•cell, module and system design to enable fast charging
•non-destructive, safe fast charging algorithms

6)Solid State Batteries, A Safer Future?
•safety behaviors of solid state batteries under abuse conditions
•failure mechanism of solid state batteries
•prospects for high performance and high safety solid state batteries
•regulations and standards for future batteries