Meeting History[ Break ]

About 4 years ago in a discussion between the US DOE and German BMBF (Ministry of Science and Education), an international cooperation point was identified as "Battery Safety".

Therefore, the First International Battery Safety Workshop (1st IBSW) was held in Munich with the help of the TU Munich in August 25th-26th 2015 under the umbrella of DoE and BMBF. People of both organizations were present and gave lectures about battery safety topics, such as definition of battery safety problems, battery safety evaluation and validation, as well as solutions to enhance battery safety. Furthermore, In an intern discussion it was agreed to continue with this DOE-BMBF workshop. In May 9-10 2017, the 2nd IBSW was organized by the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. The theme of the 2nd International Battery Safety Workshop was “Safe by Design” Session topics of the workshop will focus on design requirements, hazards, mitigations, and validation.

In 2019, the 3rd IBSW, hosted by Tsinghua University, will be held in October 7th through 8th at Liaoning International Hotel, Beijing, China.