Attendee[ Break ]

Confirmed Presenters

Tsinghua University, Professor - "Thermal runaway control strategies for Li-ion battery systems"

University of Ulm, Professor -  "Influence of ageing on the safety of Li-ion batteries"

KIST, Professor & 11th President of the KECS – "Lithium ion battery safety"

NASA JSC, Battery Technical Discipline Lead – "Metallized Plastic Current Collectors – Can they prevent or just mitigate thermal runaway hazards"

Wuhan University, Professor – "Safety-enhancing technologies for Li-ion batteries"

University of Science and Technology of China, Professor – "Lithium ion battery failure mechanisms and fire prevention strategies"

BJEV, R&D Deputy Head – "Research on thermal safety technology of electric vehicle power battery system"

FAW, President of New Energy Development Institute – "Battery pack safety design and validation"

Changan, Director of Battery Development Department – "Progress and promise of the next generation engineering research for electric vehicles safety"

University of Maryland, Professor & Director of CALCE – "Investigation of Arcing in Cylindrical Li-ion batteries"

Stanford University, Yi Cui Group – "Smart lithium ion batteries with improved safety and electrochemical performances"

Beihang University, Advanced Vehicle Research Center – "Safety Issues and Mechanisms of Lithium-ion Battery Upon Mechanical Abusive Loading: A Review"

NASA JSC, Heat Transfer Analyst

Tsinghua University, Professor & Director of New Energy & Materials Chemistry Lab

NAATBatt International, Co-founder & Executive director

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor & Director of Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory

Xiamen University, Professor & Editor of J. Power Source

Tsinghua University, Professor

National Renewable Energy Lab, Scientist

Purdue University, Associate Professor

CATARC, Chief expert

BYD, Senior Director

CATL, Dean of Research Institute

Lishen, Dean of Research Institute

MGL, CTO & Dean of Research Institute

CETC, Chief Tech Expert

Yutong, Dean of Research Institute

GAC, Manager of Battery System Department

SAIC, Engineer

THT China, Engineer

Chungwey, Chief Engineer